Hillsboro's Reef

Welcome to Paradise Coral! Hillsboro's only reef!  In our store you'll find Designer Zoanthids, Seahorses, Pet Jellyfish and Jellyfish Tanks, Corals, Clams, Saltwater fish, Saltwater Aquariums, etc.

The first and only store in Oregon with pet jellyfish!  Our jellies are an elegant, captivating pet that add beautiful light and life to any room.  Put a tank on your desk in the office or anywhere at home.  Watching our jellyfish float in the color changing lighting will make you feel like you're in an exotic paradise.  We carry everything you need to care for your new attention-grabbing pet.

If you purchase a Red Sea Aquarium from us, we'll deliver and set up for free.

Come check out our store in the heart of downtown Hillsboro!

Cultivating saltwater living-art is our passion and it shows!